We make all our pieces in our workshop which sits within our showroom in East London. We are focussed on supporting and nourishing British craftsmanship and creative practices. For pieces that require specialist techniques such as engraving, setting, or CAD, Clarice collaborates with carefully selected skilled craftspeople in London’s Hatton Garden. All Clarice Price Thomas pieces are manufactured in the UK, with sustainability and transparency at the core of what we do.


Clarice Price Thomas believes in making responsible and sustainable fine jewellery. Our impact on the planet is something we are actively focussed on; constantly researching ways in which we can make our small growing business as sustainable as possible. By using only recycled metals and responsibly sourced conflict-free diamonds we’re ensuring our jewellery is made consciously and with care. We do not endorse mass produced factory-generated jewellery. All our pieces are made in London on a made-to-order basis. This reduces waste and eradicates unethical supply chains. We believe that jewellery made consciously is not only better for our planet, but more enjoyable to wear.


Recycled gold and platinum is generated by harvesting and reusing scrap metal and carefully refining it to remove any impurities. It’s important to highlight that recycled precious metals are totally indistinguishable and of the exact same quality as their newly mined counterparts. We choose to recycle our scrap metal and filings to reduce any wastage in our workshop. The mining process for precious metals is massively environmentally destructive, so reducing the need to mine fresh metal is of the utmost importance.


We only source our gemstones from the most reputable and trusted suppliers. All our dealers share our zero tolerance policy for conflict diamonds, we only purchase stones from suppliers that work in close accordance to the Kimberly Process. A process set up in 2002 to prevent the trade of rough diamonds used to facilitate and fund conflict. We only purchase GIA certified diamonds. With GIA being the most respected diamond laboratory in the world, we’re able to offer our bespoke clients stones where we can be absolutely certain of their legitimacy and quality.