The daughter of a horologist and the granddaughter of an illustrator, Clarice’s creative outlook was cultivated from a young age. Spending much of her childhood exploring her fathers workshop, tinkering with tools and investigating metal as a medium, she was able to forge and harness a strong sense of design and craftsmanship. Her father's focus on minute perfection and detail informed Clarice’s philosophy and practice at the bench, forming the backbone of her brand's ethos and emanating through each of her carefully crafted pieces.

This detail-focused slant enabled Clarice’s signature style of classic design with an emphasis on the finer points to flourish. She incorporates both new and old techniques into her process with a commitment to creating intricate delicate silhouettes and dynamic deco forms. All stones are individually chosen by Clarice, with her knowledge of diamonds and precious gemstones spanning over 12 years of working in the trade. Only working with trusted dealers and suppliers in London’s Hatton Garden, Clarice creates bridal and bespoke pieces with local craftsmanship and responsibly sourced materials at the forefront of what she does.

Clarice’s by appointment showroom captures the ethos and energy behind her brand. Her workshop and tools are incorporated into the space; you’re aware that you’re in the hands of not just a designer, but a practicing bench jeweller. Seamlessly bridging the gap between two dimensional design and three dimensional craftsmanship. Clarice believes in creating pieces with meaning and significance, rejecting any fast consumer approach to jewellery design and manufacturing.