After an opening correspondence, the bespoke process begins with a complimentary consultation at our showroom, during which we will be able to discuss the finer details such as your budget and deadline, as well the ideas you've had for your piece including the design details and material options. You'll be able to ask as many questions as you like. Lasting approximately 45 minutes long, the consultation is all about getting to know one another!

Please note, we are open by appointment only so you must have booked a time in order to visit us. Appointments with Clarice may be scheduled back to back so please ensure you arrive on time and do let us know if you're running late.

Crafting a bespoke piece takes time and care. We advise you get in touch as soon as you are thinking about proposing. Based on the complexity of the design, bespoke engagement rings normally take a minimum of two to three months from concept to completion.

It's important to us that our clients do not feel pressured to spend more than they are able to, this is why we will always ask for your budget upfront and we'll be honest with you about what we think is achievable for what you are able to spend. We strive to accommodate a range of budgets however, precious materials are costly and bespoke pieces require much time and attention. For bespoke engagement rings we have a minimum spend of £3000 for coloured gemstone rings, and £4000 for white diamond rings. If you would like us to use an heirloom diamond from an existing piece the prices start from £2000.


In order to help you prepare and get the most out of your consultation we advise clients to have a little think about the following prior to our meeting.

- Inspiration - The starting point for any bespoke piece is the inspiration. It can come in many forms from art and design references to images of existing rings you or your partner has seen on our instagram or website.

- Style & Design Details - Knowing if you or your partner are drawn to a particular style of ring, eg; solitaire, halo, trilogy, etc, can be helpful in narrowing down some design details from the start. We also love to hear if there are any nods to sentimental references you'd like to include in your bespoke piece.

- Stone & Metal - The focal point of an engagement ring is the diamond or gemstone. In order to source a suitable selection of stones tailored to your brief and budget, it's important to have a think about what you or your partner would like for the centre stone and metal colour.

- Ring Size - If you are commissioning a ring for yourself we will be able to size you during the consultation, however if this is a piece for your partner it's advisable to think about the ring size. You can bring along any rings they currently wear to get the size from, or we can guide you on how to secretly find out their ring size.

Clarice will be able to discuss all of the above points in detail with you during the meeting so if you're unsure on some things, do not worry.


Tailored to your brief and budget outlined in your first consultation, Clarice will source a selection of carefully considered diamond or gemstone options for your ring as well as some hand drawn to-scale designs.

These will then be presented to you in a second appointment at our showroom, or if we are working with you remotely then we will send videos and photos via email. Please note, this sourcing stage can take time, so we kindly ask for up to two weeks after your first consultation for us to work on your bespoke project before we see one another again.

All stones are individually chosen by Clarice, with her knowledge of diamonds and precious gemstones spanning over 12 years of working in the trade. She will take you through the stones or diamonds chosen, explaining each one in fine detail.

We work closely with our trusted diamond and precious gemstone dealers in London to source the perfect stone for your piece. In order to guarantee the integrity and quality of our pieces, it's crucial we know with certainty where our materials have come from, and therefore, we can only work with stones provided by us.

We will provide you with an estimate price for each design and stone option presented to you. Hopefully there will be a design that is perfect but if not, we will continue to revise the design for you until we reach your dream ring.

This phase of the bespoke process is very time intensive, so please be aware that if you decide not to proceed with your ring at this point, we reserve the right to charge a £300+VAT design fee. This can be deducted from your balance if you decide to continue with your design at a later date. Bespoke designs remain the property of Clarice Price Thomas.

Once a final design and a centre stone have been chosen, you will be invoiced for the first half towards your bespoke piece. The first payment allows us to begin crafting your piece and paying for materials and therefore is non-refundable. At this stage, we are unable to exchange or return any precious stones which have been agreed upon. Once work has started on your bespoke piece, we reserve the right to charge an additional fee to cover the costs of any major design alterations or extra stones.

Invoices are sent via email and payments can be made by BACS. The remainder of the ring will be invoiced for once the piece is ready for collection.


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Once your design and stone has been chosen and the first payment made, we will begin crafting your piece. This is where you get to sit back, relax and let us bring your bespoke piece to life!

We pride ourselves on being London jewellers who are committed to ensuring fine craftsmanship and attention to detail on each and every piece. Not only is it our aim to craft jewellery which truly celebrates your tales of love but that will also continue to be treasured for generations to come.

We will keep you updated with progress along the way and arrange a collection appointment as soon as your piece is finished.


We use a combination of both new and traditional making techniques, with the majority being done by Clarice herself in the workshop behind the showroom. There are many processes and stages involved and we love to share as much of this with our bespoke clients as possible.

- CAD - Firstly the design will be worked up in CAD which will allow us to share some renders with you so you're able to see how your ring will look in 3D. We're also able to arrange for the print of your piece in resin at a small additional cost. CAD renders are best viewed as an idea of the overall shape and feel of the piece as opposed to the finer details, much of which becomes apparent during the making stage such as the setting and the chosen finish (high shine polish, matte, textured). Minor details can be made to the design at this stage and once it is perfect, we ask for your approval of the CAD. Beyond this it will not be possible to make structural changes to the piece.

- Casting - Your piece will be cast in 100% recycled metals at our casters in Hatton Garden in a process called Lost Wax. In order to achieve a perfect finish in even the tiniest areas we always cast our pieces in multiple parts.

- Clean Up & Assembly - Clarice is a skilled jeweller and will meticulously clean up every individual piece using tiny files and emery paper before it is assembled together into one.

- Stone Setting - We work with our incredibly talented diamond and stone setter who is based in Hatton Garden. He has been in the trade for many years and his attention to detail and ability to set even the most complex of pieces in a neat manner is why we love working with him.

- Polish - After being set with the diamonds or gemstones your piece will undergo its final polish by Clarice.

- Hallmarking - One of the final steps is for your piece to be taken to the Assay Office for it's hallmarking. In accordance with UK law, every gold and platinum piece we create carries a traditional UK hallmark, as well as Clarice's maker's mark.

- Ready To Collect - Lastly your piece will be checked over one last time by Clarice before being packaged up with any accompanying diamond or stone documents. We will email you as soon as your piece is ready for collection.


The most rewarding part of the bespoke process for us is being able to hand over the finished piece to our clients and to see their reactions! You'll be invited back to the showroom or we can arrange to post your piece to you if we are working remotely.

Along with your bespoke piece, beautifully packaged for you or your loved one, we'll also prepare the necessary accompanying paperwork for you. This will include any relevant stone or diamond reports (if applicable) as well as your receipt and valuation, sent via email.

Fine jewellery holds a high value both sentimentally and financially, so for this reason we strongly recommend taking out an insurance policy for your bespoke jewellery to cover the full cost of loss, theft, damage, loss of stone(s) and repairs at your earliest convenience. Some insurance companies will ask for a valuation in order to be able to insure it. Please note, the valuation we provide is a jeweller's valuation and not a registered valuation. If your insurance company require a registered jewellery valuation we will be happy to arrange this for you at an additional cost.

The final invoice will be sent to you to pay before or upon collection. We're unable to hand over your jewellery until it has been paid for in full.

We will send you a detailed care pack which will help you clean and look after your piece as well as identify when there may be issues. We're happy to offer our clients complimentary cleaning and inspection of all our pieces to ensure your jewellery continues to look as beautiful as the day you collect it.

We offer a complimentary resizing service for engagement rings and wedding rings within a three month period of the delivery of your ring. If you wish for your ring to be resized after the complimentary service, there will be a charge of £50 per ring.

If we have created an engagement ring for you then we would love to see you again to work on your wedding rings or any other bespoke jewellery pieces. If you're proposing with your ring please do let us know how it goes and send us a photo!