There’s something so inspiring about starting a new season, in particular Spring; the longer days and warmer temperatures feel like the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate and begin new things. Running a business is and always will be a work in progress but having the chance to question and shake things up a bit can be really refreshing.

I often find that it’s so easy as a creative to get caught up along the way and starting a new season (whenever that might fall in the year) naturally seems like the optimal time to renew commitments of those things most important to me. ‘Resolutions’ I guess, to help guide me through Spring and onto the rest of the year.

Perhaps the biggest of all is the evolution into fine jewellery; something which I’ve been longing to do for a while but have always managed to put off despite copious ideas and excitement (it really is quite scary doing something new, is it not?) However seeing my bespoke work designing and creating engagement & wedding rings flourish over the last year has really inspired me to work with finer materials.

I believe the most significant reason behind why we covet our jewellery so much is it’s meaning and our connection to it. There is nothing more special than using my skills as a designer and goldsmith to create future heirlooms; pieces that will stand the test of time and continued to be cherished year after year.

Keep your eyes peeled for the arrival of not only my debut fine collection but also the ‘First Edition’ from my Wedding Collection Series which I hope you all love as much as I have loved creating them for you.