Our jewellery is special; every piece is imagined, meticulously handcrafted and finished in our studio in Hackney Wick, London. Over time, jewellery can start to show signs of wear and tear, but by following the simple steps below, you can ensure yours continues to look its best.

Jewellery is delicate by nature and we encourage customers to take extra care when wearing it daily. Be careful not to damage or scratch your jewellery, take it off and store it safely while you do any rough or heavy work – lifting, gardening etc.

All metals become dulled and tarnished from contact with chemicals, so it’s best to remove your jewellery when you shower, spray perfume, apply lotion or exercise. We also advise taking off your jewellery at night to prevent it from becoming scratched and tangled.

We hope you find the following information helpful – please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any more questions by emailing us here.


All of our jewellery comes safely and securely packaged in its own beautiful box. While you’re not wearing your jewellery, we recommend that you take it off and store it in its original box. If you keep your jewellery in separate boxes this can help to prevent it from becoming tangled, scratched or tarnished (by contact with other tarnished pieces).


Over time, the metal will dull, but it can easily and quickly be cleaned, brightening to its original finish. To clean your jewellery, add a few drops of washing up liquid to some warm water and clean gently with a soft toothbrush. This will help remove any dirt which may have become trapped under stones or in gaps. Dry your pieces carefully with a soft towel.

  • Silver

Silver, although durable, can be scratched. Be mindful when wearing and storing your pieces to help keep their polished finished and lustrous shine.

As with most precious metals, silver tarnishes. This is less likely to happen if it’s worn regularly – wearing your pieces is an essential part of their care. You can clean your silver pieces in warm water and brighten back to a shine using a silver cloth.


  • Gold

Gold is a beautiful warm colour and deserves to be kept looking it’s very best! It is resilient to tarnishing and oxidation, but it can slowly lose its shine.

As with silver pieces, be careful when wearing and storing your gold pieces – gold is by its nature a little softer than silver, so is more susceptible to being marked. You can clean your gold piece(s) in warm water and brighten back to a shine by using a soft, lint free cloth. We offer a dedicated cleaning service for our fine jewellery. For more information please contact us.


  • Gold Plate

Gold plating does wear off over time, however you can ensure that it lasts as long as possible by being careful when wearing, storing and cleaning your gold plate pieces.

Always remove your jewellery when spraying perfume, applying lotion, showering, swimming or exercising. Store your pieces safely when they’re not being worn.

Gold plate pieces can be cleaned using warm water and shined up using a silver cloth, however please ensure you take extra care as this will slowly wear down the layer of gold.

We’re happy to offer a gold re-plating service to our customers for a small fee. Please get in touch here if you’re interested.


  • Precious Gemstones

The hardness of minerals, including gemstones, is based on a standard called the Mohs Scale – the higher the number, the harder the stone.

It’s important to take extra care when wearing pieces set with precious gemstones as they can easily become chipped and scratched. Avoid this by removing your jewellery when doing any heavy work and when exercising.

Over time, a build-up of creams, general dirt and finger prints can make a stone appear a little dull, but they are easily cleaned. As with cleaning metal jewellery, use warm water and a little washing up liquid with a soft tooth brush.


  • Diamonds

While diamonds are extremely hard, they can become chipped and fractured by sharp blows, so it’s important to be mindful of this.

Take care when wearing and storing your diamond pieces, remembering to remove them when doing heavy/rough work, exercising etc. When you’re not wearing your pieces, keep them safely stored in their original box.

Diamonds can be cleaned easily using warm soapy liquid and a soft toothbrush, being sure to rinse the stone and setting carefully afterwards. You can also gently clean the surface of a diamond using a lint free cloth.


It is important to us that you love wearing your jewellery and we want to help you keep it looking its best. At our studio in Hackney Wick, we offer a cleaning service to our customers for a small fee. Whether you’d like a piece cleaned, re-plated or simply checked over, please get in touch here for a quote – we’d love to help.