Portrait in store

'Feminine and modern, my designs focus on timelessness and craftsmanship; jewellery designed to be worn everyday and crafted with great care.'

Offering a new perspective on fine jewellery, we create pieces with a thoughtful balance of modern silhouettes and traditional craft. Defined by clean lines, intricate details and technical precision, the pieces are timeless yet modern, playful yet refined.

Purposefully disregarding seasonal trends, the jewellery is a study in blending subtle forms, thoughtful proportions with classic materials, all the while maintaining a constant commitment to quality.

Alongside releasing collections, Clarice specialises in designing one-off bespoke pieces, working closely with you to create something truly unique. From our workshop below our store in Leyton, each piece of jewellery is crafted using a combination of both new and traditional techniques with precision and care using the finest quality metals and stones.

Transparency is really important to us which is why we love to share the details behind our pieces. We believe jewellery that’s been made consciously and with care is more enjoyable for you to wear so we use recycled metals where possible and conflict-free stones to create our pieces.

We’re really proud that all our jewellery is designed and created in-house aside from specialist techniques such as CAD, stone-setting and engraving where we only work with the finest local craftspeople. Working in this way allows us to keep the emphasis on quality and means we can offer the option of greater customisation ensuring your piece will always be unique and well made.